myco fujimoto
大阪生まれ 甲南女子大学文学部卒
1993年 アメリカ村ビッグステップで初個展 スーザン・キーチとのインスタレーション(大阪アイルモレ・コタ)
1998年 ディリ-・スポーツ紙の連載小説の挿し絵を担当
1999年 朝日新聞エッセー、藤本義一の日日日日(ひびにちじつ)挿し絵を担当<週一回・1年半連載>
パリ”アート・コンテンポラン”に参加ギャラリーアソシエーション”Assosiation pol'art に会員登録 雑誌の挿し絵を描きはじめる

2001年 朝日新聞社 ASACOMホールにて挿し絵展
” 日仏アートマルシェ”参加”
2002年 CD”パリアーゾ”のジャケットをデザイン
新創美術展<京都市美術展>出展 神戸阪急にて2人展
2003年 丸善OCAT店、心斎橋店にて「原風景展」を開催
デイリースポーツ社 週刊コラム連載挿し絵担当
2004年 4月~5月 芦屋画廊個展 CD”ヌア-ジュ”のジャケットをデザイン
7月  ハイアット・リ-ジェンシー・オーサカGallery at the HYATT
9月 大阪近鉄百貨店(上本町店)親子展



Myco Fujimoto Profile

Born in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture
Graduate in Literature form Konan Women's University

After seeing a Dick Bruna book when I was four years old I had an interest in graphic like things.
I began the work as an artist, not much different from my childhood art for fun, combining different colors
and cutting and pasting paper.
I got to where I am now after experiencing working in a general store and doing design of small products.
My life work is expressing the scene of a big rock island I remember seeing many times in a dream when
I was a child. I don't really know but I somehow think the key to myself is there somewhere.

Major One-man Exhibitions (including pair exhibitions)

1993 Big Step (Osaka), the first one-man exhibition
1994~1999 One-man Exhibition at galleries in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka
2001 Exhibition of Illustrations for a Newspaper series at Asahi Shinbun Hall
2002 Ashiya Gallery (Kobe) Kobe Hankyu Department Store (Kobe) (pair exhibition)
2003 Maruzen Book Store (Osaka) (pair exhibition)
2004 HYATT Regency Osaka (Osaka)
Kintetsu Department Store (Osaka) (pair exhibition)
2005 Kobe Daimaru Department Store (Kobe) / the 14th. Moon (Osaka)
la galerie (Osaka) (pair exhibition) Major Group Exhibition
2001 Exhibition of twelve artists selected by Ryoji Arai (Osaka)

2003 - 2004 Exhibition of Sinsou Art (Kyoto Municipal Museum), received the Kyoto Mayor Award

Other Major Work
・ CD jacket design ・ Logos and T-shirt design ・ Illustrations and cover illustrations for Asahi Shinbun, Daily Sports,
PHP extra numbers, etc. ・ Illustrations for books including "Vietnam Soup Story".
・ Received honorable mention in EST-1Illustraiton Grand Prix ・ One of twelve artists selected by Ryoji Arai
・ Received the Kyoto Mayor Award in Exhibition of Sinsou Art

二人展大反省会「Self Liner Notes」2005